Committed to Excellence in Martial Art Training

We have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Should you have a query that is not addressed here, please contact us and we will provide you with the information you need.

Who is MTA?

MTA is a Melbourne based, private martial art school for anyone looking to improve their fitness and learn a skill that may one day protect them from harm.  Our Instructors are highly trained fitness industry professionals.  Our students come from all walks of life, from many different professions, age groups and fitness levels.  We pride ourselves in providing a safe, non-threatening and welcoming environment in which to train.  No heroes, no egos; just the very best in martial art and fitness instruction. 

Military Tae Kwon-Do Australia is not affiliated with, nor connected to, any defence force organisation.

What will I learn?
From the minute you step inside our gym you'll see what makes MTA different from the rest.  In your very first class you'll learn skills that work quickly and easily; there's no need to spend a lifetime "perfecting" the art as the most effective self defence techniques are simple and easy to deliver.

MTA is not a school for those who want to learn to "fight".  You will learn an art.  An art that can, when applied correctly, provide you with an extremely effective form of self defence .  The MTA Instructors will show you how to effectively defend yourself against one or more aggressors, using a wide variety of skills including hand and leg techniques, sweeps, take downs, holds and throws.  You'll also learn arm, leg and wrist locks as well as various escape, grappling and weapon survival tactics.  With such a wide variety of skills taught neither age, gender nor body type need be a barrier!  There's no need to be an athlete, although you may start to feel like one after some regular training! 

You will be shown how to increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, power, strength and endurance.  You will be taught how to develop joint mobility, stability and range of motion.  You'll learn how to improve your confidence and will participate in many stress releasing activities. 

If a skill works in a self defence situation, we'll teach it.  If an exercise improves your fitness, strength or flexibility you'll do it! 

What is Military Tae Kwon-Do?

Martial art training originated many hundreds of years ago as a method of training for combat.  As unarmed combat was replaced by technology, the martial arts evolved in to a method of maintaining personal safety, and as an effective strategy for maintaining optimal health and good fitness.  The word "military" is used to describe the traditionally disciplined nature in which the art is practised. 
Military Tae Kwon-Do is essentially a non-contact  martial art.  It allows practioners to execute powerful and realistic self defence techniques in a safe and controlled environment, without fear of injury.  It has been developed by incorporating self defence techniques seen in many different martial arts and teaches many and varied conflict resolution strategies.  Military Tae Kwon-Do provides a wide range of training, from the "soft" style releasing techniques of Hapkido, the effortless throws of Judo, the powerful striking techniques of Tae Kwon-Do and kick boxing, right through to the grappling of Ju-Jitsu and weapon survival tactics taught to law enforcement personnel.   

Martial art training should also provide more than just the ability to defend yourself.  Training with MTA will develop muscle tone, endurance, strength, power and function; it will also increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and improve joint stability and mobilty. 

The confidence that comes from looking, feeling and performing better can also affect many other areas of your life.
Is Military Tae Kwon-Do right for me?

Tae kwon-do, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Hapkido... what's the difference and how do you choose the right school?  With so many martial art schools to choose from it's often a difficult decision to make; it's important to choose the school that suits you.

Terms such as "tae kwon-do", for example, can be roughly translated in to "the way of the foot and hand", or "judo" as "the gentle way".  These terms are used only to provide a generic description of the art.  Martial art schools may vary greatly within these generic descriptions so it would be wise for any prospective student to attend a class and make the decision to enrol based on their experience, and not simply on what the school is categorised as.

Generally speaking, martial art schools can be divided in to two separate categories - sport and self defence.  While some schools may teach a little of both, it is usual to see the emphasis placed on one side or the other.  MTA is a martial art school, not a sporting club, and focuses only on effective self defence, fitness and movement techniques.  Students of MTA do not participate in martial art competitions or tournaments.

I'm not fit or flexible, does that matter?
Absolutely NOT!  No level of fitness or flexibility is required to begin training.  You'll be introduced to our art slowly and carefully by friendly Instructors. 

MTA is taught in a manner that allows you to build on success.  It has been specifically designed using the principles of Applied Functional Science and allows the previously sedentary population, as well as seasoned athletes, to progress at their own pace. 

Your training begins with an easy class, allowing you to learn the basics.  You'll then move on to progressively harder challenges as your fitness, strength, flexibility and skill levels increase. 

We understand that beginning your martial art journey can seem daunting, even intimidating at times.  Our Instructors remember what it's like to be a beginner, to feel a little apprehensive.  Rest assured, you'll train with others just like you, with friendly Instructors who want to help you succeed!

Who will be my Instructor, and what are their qualifications?

Military Tae Kwon-Do Australia takes its responsibility to provide accurate and correct instruction very seriously.  All our Instructors undergo extensive training to achieve their rank.  Instructors are taught not only how to deliver and communicate martial art skills but also how each movement affects the entire body.  No longer do martial art students have to "suffer" under the instruction of old school martial artists whose teachings contradict bio-mechanical science!

Our minimum requirements for Instructor include a first degree black belt, a senior first aid certificate and at least 12 months training as an Assistant Instructor.  This ensures that all our students, from beginner to black belt, receive the expert tuition for which Military Tae Kwon-Do Australia is renowned.
MTA founder and Chief Instructor, Mr Anthony Gyles, is not only a fourth degree black belt, but also an experienced personal trainer.  Chief Instructor Anthony holds a Masters of Personal Training gained at the London academy of Premier Training International, and is a specialist in functional strength training.  Anthony has personally trained with some of the world's best functional training practioners and strength and conditioning coaches.  Anthony has trained with, and taught self defence skills to, law enforcement personnel as far afield as the United Kingdom.

With extensive training and understanding of not only martial art technique, but also the bio-mechanics of movement, you can be assured that you will be taught correctly and safely.  All our Instructors are polite, well mannered and courteous.  You'll find us friendly, welcoming and with nothing to prove.

What costs are involved and what do I wear?

Comfortable gym attire is acceptable for new students.

Lessons are paid for on a casual basis with no minimum charge; simply pay for each class attended.

We do not charge membership, insurance or joining fees.

A beginner's uniform package is available for purchase from your Instructor.

Personal training and small group training sessions are available on request.

Tags: Self defence Kensington Melbourne Martial Arts Kensington Melbourne Tae Kwon-Do Kensington Melbourne Personal Training Kensington Melbourne
Tags: Self defence Kensington Melbourne Martial Arts Kensington Melbourne Tae Kwon-Do Kensington Melbourne Personal Training Kensington Melbourne